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1.1 Erosion Control Blanket

7-S Erosion Control Blankets. After heavy rainfall of 100 (mm/hr) and a high flow rate of 6 (m/s) torrents estimated, soil loss is minimal.

The coverage management factor (C value) is less than 0.03.
The functional performance is guaranteed.

Furthermore, 7S ECB 
in dry environment, It has the effect of preventing soil moisture from evaporating, Good for growing grass.


Construction Cases

(1)  The Effect of Slope near the river bank protection during Typhoon Soudelor in Taoyuan (2015)

At that time, the concrete outlet was hollowed out and damaged due to erosion. The use of 7S slope protection RECP still has good turf planting and excellent erosion resistance.


(2)  Effectiveness of bank protection on Jiaping River in Pingtung during Typhoon Morakot. (2009)

When the rainfall in Pingtung Wanluan exceeded 130 mm, soil and rock flow occurred in the Laiyi Mountain area, causing disasters everywhere. However, the revetment using stiffening Erosion Control Blanket was intact as before. This Products was Praising by the county governor.



Photo of 7S RECP

Function of RECP


1.1    Blanket   Function

(A) Simple construction and good grounding

(B) Cotton blanket absorbs water

(C) Protect soil and seed loss

(D) Sprouting and planting



1.2    Grid function

The confinement effect increases the slope's ability to resist the shear force by water flow.


1.3    Water Conduction function

Slow down the speed of rainwater infiltration in shallow , and maintain soil strength under instantaneous heavy rainfall.


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