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Many products in early Taiwan relied on imports. Key technologies were held in the hands of foreign manufacturers and items were expensive. So after I have accumulated many years of work experience, I founded the company at the age of 50. Many people were not optimistic at that time.

However, I believe that as long as we pursue technological innovation and good quality at the same time, we can survive in the market.

Today, our products are exported all over the world. Also we accumulated a lot of civil engineering cases. We will continue to adhere to such principles and strive to create more excellent products for this wonderful world. I hope you can join hands with us to create a beautiful new future.

About  7-States

  • NTPEP material certification
  • Member manufacturer of Geotechnical Materials Association
  • Pioneer of Industry-University Research in Taiwan
  • Technological innovation, leading quality


Services: Geogrid,Geocomposite,Erosion Control Products ,Soil Bag,Drainage Sheet and Pipe,Gabion Bag,Nonwoven,Staple

Service Zone:S-E Asia, Japan & Korea, North America, Nationwide